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The HayMate haynet filler is an ingenious patented device which helps fill haynets in seconds, saving backache and time. A strong, rugged piece of stable furniture, it is recommended by Physiotherapists and Chiropractors. All HayMates are made from the best quality timber, cut from sustainable forests.

For busy yards, the HayMate saves time which can be productively spent elsewhere. See our range of haynet fillers, from only £69 and read feedback from many delighted customers. Order today online and take all the hassle out of haynet filling!








The Haymate is a fantastic labour saving device, especially for larger yards continually filling haynets. It is so easy to fill haynets now. Our customers save a lot of labour costs, time and backache.

The HayMate was developed by Richard Cansdale, a British inventor, who found that he and his wife were spending too much time filling haynets. Please explore our product range.



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